Popular Home Decor Trends in 2016: Global Edition

As we move ahead into 2016, you might be considering ways to rejuvenate and refresh certain aspects of your life. You might have already set up some resolutions, like losing those extra twenty pounds that have dominated your love handles, or just learning how to be a more positive person in general. While those are wonderful goals that will help you better yourself, how about doing something that will instantly make you feel different. Be your own interior designer and make some changes around your home! New home decor trends are on the rise this year, and we are here to tell you exactly what those trends are, country-by-country.

Moscow, Russia: Colour is not a big part of Russian home interiors this year. Furniture and home decor are more neutral in colour with textured elements. Not only has the furniture become more textured, but the actual architecture of the homes has as well. Walls are grainier, and floors are less polished, giving homes an earthy feel.

Berlin, Germany: Soft furniture and gold/brass items come together to create a sublime and enchanting feel. Mixing historical looking objects with plushy items generates an interesting balance of times, old and new.

New Delhi, India: Large floral wall decals aren’t tacky like flower patterned wallpaper, but still make a statement without being too over the top. These wall decals have erupted in Indian interior design, along with a focus on East Asian inspired geometric furniture.

Mexico City, Mexico: Mexican Modernism is definitely growing inside and outside of Mexico. Traditional indigenous and 20th century Avant-Garde art has always influenced Mexican interior design, but add in a minimalist touch and you have a new home design trend for 2016.

Cairo, Egypt: The hot climate is no longer seen as a burden, but an opportunity to bring together functionality and art. Geometrically shaped wall cutouts create beautiful patterns while circulating air. Also, Afghan patterned rugs and dim ornamental lights are making a big comeback this year.

Tokyo, Japan: The Japanese have always been big fans of simplicity and flat surfaces, and they’re not slowing down with this style any time soon. However, they are rounding out their furniture and decorative pieces, moving away from the usual linearity of their objects. Things are beginning to flow more, imitating shapes innately found in nature.

Toronto, Canada: Dramatic and deep colours are leaving restaurants and entering the interiors of homes around the country. Indigo, burgundy, and eggplant are some colours we’ve been seeing a lot more recently. These colours paired with antique looking furniture and decor accents make bold statements, and give off a Victorian feel.

Don’t feel obligated to stick with a specific style based on where you live. If you want to paint your entire living room black, just go for it! If you want to hang an Afghan rug in your hallway, we say do it! New year, new home, new you!

We hope you have an amazing new year filled with happiness, love, and wall decals.

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