How to Decorate on a Budget

You don’t have to spend loads of money to have a beautifully decorated home. If you’re like the rest of us, you want to have a striking home without spending a remarkable amount of money. We are here to tell you that this is completely possible! It might take a little bit of effort on your part, but it will be worth it in the end.

 1) Frame Everything

You probably have a whole bunch of magazines lying around somewhere. Sift through them and find pages and articles that are appealing to you. You might not think that they’re frame-worthy material, but everything looks much better inside a picture frame. Magazines are constructed to hook the reader’s attention, so they’re sure to catch your eye if they are hung on your wall.

Magazine pages aren’t the only things you can frame though. There are innumerous images you can print from online galleries. Or how about that old photograph you took of that sunset two summers ago? We say, if you can contain it, frame it!

 2) How does it look Over There?

Sometimes it’s as simple as moving things around. This is not an excuse to conveniently “move” your husband’s ancient recliner to the dumpster – although we think that you should. What you can do though, is see if that ottoman looks better in the front foyer instead of the family room. You know that area rug that you have in your bedroom? It might look great in your living room downstairs.

Moving things around will cost you nothing, while still invoking a sense of change – and why do we redecorate other than to experience variance.

 3) Curtains for Doors

Let’s be real for a second. Doors are boring. Unless you live in a Victorian inspired home, your door is probably a white rectangle. Why not remove these doors and closets and replace them with beautiful scarf curtains? Curtains are much more versatile than doors. They come in different colours, fabrics, and patterns that can be selected based on your room’s characteristics and style. What’s best of all is that they are generally inexpensive.

 4) Thrift Shop

We’re not talking about Macklemore’s catchy single – we actually mean being thrifty! Shopping second hand at a thrift shop or flea market is not only easy on your wallet, but it gives you the opportunity to find a one of a kind item that no one else could possibly have. You may come across an invaluable sculpture or painting, and if you don’t, at least you’ve found something beautiful that costs close to nothing.

Online auctions are also a great opportunity to find beautiful pieces of home décor for greatly discounted prices. You might have to look for some tips on how to win an online auction, but it’s well worth the effort.

5) Minimal Cost for a Minimalist Style

The purpose of exercising a minimalist home design is simplicity and taking things back to their elemental forms. Lines, planes, and basic shapes while maintaining a monochromatic colour scheme are most common. This is great for someone who is decorating on a budget because simplicity means fewer items to purchase. Sticking with one or two large pieces of furniture, while placing shapely objects on flat surfaces are the general guidelines of this style.

Some say you can even get away with no furniture other than a coffee table in the center of the room. We’re not sure where your aunt Norma will sit, but it will definitely impress your artsy-fartsy friends!

6) Surround Yourself with Books

You may think that placing a stack of books somewhere might look messy, but it will actually give your room character. Mix and match with your favourite trinkets and accessories. Place them next to a flower vase and a pair of reading glasses, and you have yourself an endearing ensemble of objects.

Not only will putting books everywhere make you look smart, it might make you smart too! You might be inclined to read more if your books are out and about.

Designing and decorating shouldn’t be something to dread. It can be a fun and exciting project that doesn’t break the bank.

Mortgage Winners wishes you and your family a thrift-filled decorating experience! Be sure to check out our other posts for fun and riveting tips on mortgages and saving.

Decorate on a Budget