How Do I Know When the Perfect Time to Sell Is?

While you can definitely sell your home at any time of the year, there are optimal times if you want a smooth selling experience. We know you think it might be a good idea to sell your home during the winter because there isn’t much competition, but there are a lot of problems that may arise. We have carefully compiled a list of the ideal times that you may want to sell your home.

1) School’s Out For Summer

If your children are on a somewhat lengthy break, use that to your advantage so that you don’t disrupt their school year. Your kids might make you want to pull your hair out while you’re staging your home, but at least their education isn’t put on the back burner.

Also, if your house is in a school zone, buyers with children will generally want to move in during a school break. So, spring/summer are perfect seasons to list your home.

2) Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Let’s face it; Canada isn’t the warmest of places. Why move during a -30°C snowstorm, when you can move in the bright sunshine of July? Warmer weather triggers a need for change in many people, and what’s a bigger change than moving to a brand new house!?

Plus, if you need to make updates or small renovations to your house before selling, it’s much easier to do when the weather is nice. It’s very problematic to repair your driveway or get your shingles replaced if it’s below zero degree weather outside.

3) Got my Mind on my Money

Tax returns are usually distributed in March, and many might want to use this money for their down payment. When people get a big bulk of money, they start thinking about where it could best be capitalized; and using the money as an investment in property is the first thing that many individuals think of! It is no wonder that spring is such a popular time for listing homes.

 4) Sell When No One Else Is

Is the inventory of homes in your area low? Good! Low inventory means limited competition. If you are one of the few people selling, many more people will be interested in your listing. If the demand is greater than what’s available, expect many interested buyers.

We wish you the best of luck in selling and buying a new home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Happy Selling and Season’s Greetings!

Perfect Times to Sell