Anatomy of a Mortgage Expert

Ghostly greetings to all of you mere mortals out there!

My name is Edgar, and while I don’t usually waste my time speaking to the living (I enjoy devouring them instead), I wanted to inform all of you that zombies aren’t as small minded as you might think. In fact, I am one of the top mortgage experts in my town of Deadman Junction. I don’t want to create a mass distress within your hearts, but I don’t only scavenge and hunt for human brains. I create meaningful and constructive relationships with clients who want to buy a new home or renew their existing mortgage. Let me walk you through the parts of my anatomy that help make me the best mortgage expert in all of Deadman Junction!

Brain (Knowledge of Process):

My brain and I are good friends. He notifies me of many interesting facts and advice that can be beneficial to my clients. I can assist my clients with an awareness and understanding that they would otherwise not have access to. With my brain, I can assess your needs and requirements, and then subsequently provide the best possible solution for what you need. Whether you need to renew your mortgage, or purchase your dream home, my brain is my go-to tool helping you accomplish what you desire.

 Ears (Good Listener):

I listen! Sure, I might be missing a chunk or two of my ear, but my eardrums are perfectly intact! I understand that everyone’s needs are different based on a variety of factors, but my ears’ job is to fully recognize what those needs are. I am only after your best interests, and I have the right implements and expertise to get you a resolution that is in line with your financial essentials.

Heart (Care and Compassion):

While some of you delicious… uhhh I mean delightful humans think I have no heart, I actually possess a generous and full heart. It is my most important organ, and I am quite happy that I did not lose it during my transformation. My heart allows me to see you for the wonderful individual that you are, instead of just a name in a file folder. I comprehend that buying a new home is a stressful and difficult process, and that you need someone you can trust who can give you peace of mind. I always make sure that you are happy, because in the end, that’s what matters most.

Wallet (Best Rates):

While my wallet is technically not part of my anatomy, it definitely feels like it could be! From my wallet, I pull out the best rates and mortgage solutions available to you. Whether you have a low credit score or have no idea how interest rates influence your mortgage, my wallet can provide you with rates that you otherwise might not know are available to you.

 Hands (Partnerships):

My friend Vlad is an employee at Bat Cave Lenders, and is a very important connection that I use to make my clients happy. He can provide larger mortgage loans to my clients that banks may not be able to offer. My partnerships with lawyers, lenders, and many others help get you into a covert niche that you never knew existed! In my line of work, I meet people within the real estate and lending world that have access to concealed prospects, and I am the key that can reveal those prospects to you!

I hope you enjoyed this thorough examination of my anatomy, and if you have any other questions about what my other organs do, don’t hesitate to contact the rest of the mortgage expert zombies at Mortgage Winners!

Have a Fangtastic Day and Happy House Haunting!

Anatomy of a Mortgage Expert