5 Ways to Fall in Love in With Your Home Again: Valentine’s Day Edition

I know it sounds crazy, but owning a home is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you love your home, and other times you want to sell it and never look back. In the end though, it’s your home, and while you may look at other homes and contemplate what it would be like to live in them, you would never leave the place that provides you with solace and support. We all take our home for granted sometimes, so why not find ways to renew and refresh your relationship with it to remember why you fell in love in the first place?

 1) Be Grateful

It’s our innate nature to always want the newest and most upgraded edition of everything, including our homes- and after we get that new phone or car, what happens? A more current version comes out that we just have to buy! We are never satisfied, and frankly that has to STOP!

We need to realize that it’s not the home that needs changing, but it’s our perception of our home that we need to modify. Our home provides us safety, comfort, and joy. Sure the floor creaks and the cabinets have a few scratches, but who and what is without imperfection?

 2) Netflix and Get Comfy

Sometimes there’s nothing better than making a cup of tea, curling up under a blanket, and watching Titanic. I realize that this sounds cheesy, but doing this really does hit that warm and mushy spot in your heart. Realizing that you wouldn’t be able to experience this feeling without your home will help you reconnect with what your home has to offer.

3) Add a Comfy Chair in the Bedroom

This alternative seating provides you with a new way of experiencing the space. It may seem like a small and insignificant act, but doing this will push you to partake in new activities that you previously could not do in your room.

 4) Don’t Compare Your Home to Others

While it’s tempting to look over your neighbour’s hedges to see if your possessions are up to par with theirs, don’t do it! Comparing yourself or your home to others will kill your happiness and contentment with what you have. Always remember that everyone has their own struggles, and while people may not wear their problems for you to see, everyone is going through something. We all accomplish our goals at different speeds and through different methods. So don’t fret when your best friend has a million dollar house and your living in a small condo. Just appreciate what you have and everything else will fall into place.

 5) Keep it Clean

It’s really true when people say that a decluttered home means a decluttered mind. Your emotions will often imitate your surroundings, so this is important to feel rejuvenated.

Even the tiniest home can be transformed into the most cozy and restful space with just a little bit of clean up. Think about it this way- when you have had a very long day, and you come home to take a shower, don’t you feel amazing after? It’s like an instant facelift!

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other or by yourself at home, just remember that you can follow some of these tips to fall back in love with both relationships!

Have a wonderful and love-filled Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day